Image of Wyoming Bold


Image of Wyoming Bold

Third in Palmer’s Wyoming Men series, this is a fascinating story about a heroine with psychic powers who is accepting of them and a hero willing to listen to her. It’s nice to have a hero wise enough to know when he can’t do things alone and willing to accept help when he needs it. There is pleasure to be found in the nice sense of family this tale imparts.

Merissa Baker is psychic, more so even than her mother. It made for an uncomfortable childhood and taught her to accept the disbelief with which her warnings were greeted. Yet when she sees danger for neighbor Dalton “Tank” Kirk, she can’t help but tell him. Tank knows Merissa’s reputation. Though at first he refuses to believe in her abilities, it’s not long until he sees they are real. The danger stalking Tank soon grows to encompass Merissa and her mother, as well as his family and acquaintances as far away as Texas. (HQN, Nov., 345 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley