Image of Wyoming Fierce (Wyoming Men)


Image of Wyoming Fierce (Wyoming Men)

This is an emotional story about a broken hero who needs mending and a heroine who has her own sorrows and financial difficulties. Palmer once again provides an entertaining tale with a young, intelligent and moral heroine and an angst-ridden older hero.

Bolinda Mays is worried about her disabled grandfather, who is having trouble paying his bills. Attending collage in Montana makes it difficult to get home to him in Wyoming very often. Neighbor Cane Kirk has been going hog wild since his return home from the Middle East minus an arm. Though Bolinda is apparently the only one who has any influence on him, it doesn’t help her when she finally gets the courage to ask him for a loan. She is soundly and insultingly turned down. However, Cane’s brothers are not about to let a neighbor down and when Bolinda’s grandfather dies, they step in to help, much to Cane’s shame. Then it’s up to Cane to regain Bolinda’s respect. (HQN, Nov., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley