WYOMING LAWMAN (4) by Victoria Bylin: Cheyenne, Wyoming, 1875. Pearl Oliver comes to Cheyenne for a fresh start and hopefully to be a teacher. She knows it won’t be easy to win people over since she’s an unwed mother, but she is counting on her faith to help her reach her goal. When she saves a little girl’s life and meets the child’s father, Deputy Sheriff Matt Wiley, Pearl has misgivings about being there. Matt insists on buying Pearl a new dress as hers was ruined helping his daughter, though he can’t fathom why she’s so nervous. When Pearl tells Matt the truth about her past, he promises to help her win the townspeople over. Wyoming Lawman is a tender, charming love story filled with strong, memorable characters. They both have pasts they want to forget, but learn that the past is always there and needs to be dealt with to have a future. Don’t miss this talented author.
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans