A rapidly developing range war provides intense background conflict for this action romance, the third about the Tollivers, a Wyoming ranching family. Two star-crossed lovers meet and immediately become deeply involved after Rachel Tolliver, Cassandra's daughter, wrecks her wagon on her surprise return home from art school.

Sheep rancher Luke Vincente finds her and chooses to help this spoiled daughter, who's obviously on the side of his enemies, the local cattle ranchers. But he insists she wait for complete rescue, until he can get his herd of sheep safely home before the threatening thunderstorm.

As Luke and Rachel journey toward his ranch, rowdy masked cowboys almost run the herd over a cliff, and Rachel recognizes one of her brothers. Her loyalty to her family stands between her and Luke, as does his determination to succeed with sheep in cattle country. Despite the intensity of their attraction, each must remain loyal to a different side of the range war.

This credible, now-or-never romance moves with reckless speed through a highly engrossing and compact plot to the kind of happy ending we read romances to enjoy. SENSUAL (Nov., 304 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger