Jodi Baxter is comfortable in her Chicago suburb and safe church, but her husband wants their faith to be 'relevant' to society, so they move into the city, where living for Christ has risk. Jodi finds herself at a Christian women's conference with a crowd of wild worshippers of mixed races and backgrounds. When the women divide up into small prayer groups, Jodi is thrown together with a group of women she thinks are about as compatible as mismatched socks. But a crisis creates a permanent bond between them and they decide to continue prayer support. THE YADA YADA PRAYER GROUP (4) is born. Their name takes on depth and poignancy when their Jewish member points out the multifaceted definitions of 'Yada' in Hebrew. The group is going to need all its strength to get through the joys and trials ahead—Jodi especially. Neta Jackson brings readers a tender, sometimes sad, sometimes funny slice of Americana in this insightful foray into the chick-lit genre. (Sep., 400 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson