Sefton’s latest Knitting Mystery has events similar to the 2012 High Park wildfire that broke out near Fort Collins, Colo. The events add a sense of urgency and realism to the story as the community comes together to help. When a murder occurs, the tension rises even higher. An overall satisfying mystery that wraps up nicely.

As a wildfire rages in the Bellevue canyon, Kelly Flynn and her friends help rancher Jayleen move her alpacas to a safer pasture owned by Andrea Holt. While moving the animals, a fight breaks out when Connie, an employee from the House of Lambspun, accuses Andrea of stealing her husband. Kelly and her friends break up the altercation before it becomes too serious. Later Andrea is found dead at her ranch from a suspicious fall. Was it an accident or did someone intentionally push her? Kelly and her friends try to untangle the clues as the wildfires rage around them. (PRIME CRIME, Jun., 304 pp., $25.95, 9780425258422, HC)

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Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin