The historical context of this novel is astounding. This reader felt like she was on a personal ancestral journey with the characters as the author delves into five generations of one family. The underlying theme of finding strength despite the circumstances life throws our way is inspiring and uplifting. Man or woman, every reader will be able to benefit from reading this novel.

Yamilla is an African princess who was stolen from her land and sold into slavery. Despite her new title, she never loses her dignity and still carries herself like royalty, a feat that even her owners are forced to accept. Rape by a nearby neighbor results in the birth of her son, John. What follows is the story of the next four generations of Yamilla’s family and how tales of her strength and determination are passed on. (JMJEFFRIES.COM/PARKERPUBLISHING, Price TBA)

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner