It's oil and water the minute Rachel Fairchild meets "the American nobody," Jason Edward Beaumont, the new Earl of Falcon Ridge. And it only gets worse when they discover they're being blackmailed into marriage by their meddling families.

Rachel might dislike the colonial upstart, but there's no denying the powerful sexual attraction she feels for him. Jason realizes Rachel is a hellion, and what fun he can have taming her.

The battle of the sexes begins as this dynamic duo clashes with wit and passion, all the while trying to expose those responsible for murderous attacks on Jason.

The lively dialogue, biting repartee and sizzling sensuality crackles through the pages of this delicious and fast-paced read. Henke captures your attention from page one and holds it to the very end with this lively tale. A quick charmer of a read. SENSUAL (Oct., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin