Lynx de Warenne is to take control of Castle Dumfries, securing Edwards hold on Scotland. When he meets his steward, Jock Leslie and encounters his daughter, Jane, Lynx declares he will marry Jane to gain the son and heir he desires.

Though a commoner, Jane is far from common. With her Celtic heritage and a touch of magic, she knows that somehow she and Lynx are bound together. Yet she will only agree to a handfasting; a union that lasts for a year and a day and may then be dissolved by either partner.

Once Jane and Lynx share a bed, he wants Jane by his side forever. Jane longs for Lynxs declaration of love and as these two build a strong relationship they are unaware of those plotting against them.

Torn apart by his kings demands, political unrest, battles, injuries, others jealousy and abduction, Lynx and Jane truly fight for the right to life and love in the wild Highlands.

Filled with marvelous and unforgettable characters, pulse-pounding battles, political intrigue, powerful sensuality and a superb love story, A YEAR AND A DAY is the best in historical romance. Readers who adore a lush and colorful backdrop along with a heartstopping romance will have all they could desire in Virginia Henleys newest masterpiece. SENSUAL (Nov., 352 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin