Image of The Year of Living Shamelessly


Image of The Year of Living Shamelessly

The main character in Carr's latest novel bristles when people call her sweet, but that's exactly what this story is. The characters are endearing, and the romance is handled with refreshing humor and care. There are times when the protestations of both main characters strain credulity; still, you can't help but root for them.

Katie Kramer has been in love with Ryder Scott since high school but thinks he's always thought of her as his best friend's innocent kid sister. Every year she makes a New Year's resolution to seduce him, but the stakes are raised when she learns he's about to leave town -- for good. Katie decides it's time to negate her good-girl reputation and make herself irresistible to her rebel would-be lover -- but is he the bad boy she's always believed him to be? (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Oct., 294 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener