Everything about Yellow Ribbons exceeds expectations, including a believable military scenario, scorching erotic elements and thrilling suspense. The relationship between Greg and Lani is incredibly emotional, and readers will connect with the conflict of keeping secrets and the turmoil of living lies. Each character has a solid backstory, interactions are well thought out and the pacing is even — all details which strike a perfect balance between erotica and suspense.

Fraternization between enlisted personnel and officers is frowned upon in the military and Master Gunnery Sergeant Greg Landess and Captain Lani Hollister have a career-busting secret: They're involved in a very sexual, extremely emotional bondage affair. When people around base start turning up dead, it's up to them to help the police and FBI figure out who's targeting Yellow Ribbon spouses, all while keeping their secret relationship hidden. (LOOSE ID, Nov., dl., $6.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty