At 26, Maggie Masterson can not seem to find her place in life. A daydreamer, she does not know what she wants. Her sister Kiki entreats her to take a trip to London. But even there she is disheartened and aimless.

Leaving a party, Maggie hails an old-fashioned horse and carriage to take her back to her hotel. However, the jarring ride propels her through the air and time to land her in the year 1818.

Adam Coleridge, Seventh Earl of Ridgefield, and his sister Lydia are on their way home. Adam is angry because Lydia is quite a modern woman for 1818, defying convention and testing her brother's limits. He gives her one month to find a husband.

Suddenly their coach collides with Maggie's. Maggie changes everyone's lives and turns Adam's world upside down, but to Lydia she is the answer to a prayer.

YESTERDAY AND FOREVER is a wonderful time-travel, with a mix of humor and the paranormal, that realistically illustrates the trial of two cultures trying to compromise. Ms. Alexander's bittersweet story is truly a gem. A "must read" for the weekend, so that if you can't put it down, you can still get to work Monday morning. (Oct., 363 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer