What happens when not one, but three people slip into the past? Well, Ms. Hutchinson will give them a rollicking ride into the Gold Rush days of 1868.

Hannah Gilmore will marry in two weeks. But before that, she has promised her mother a trip to Barkerville, a ghost town in British Columbia, to help her research her family history. Hannah's demanding fianc is not pleased, but Hannah insists, already having doubts about the man and the family she is marrying into.

As they prepare for the trip, Hannah's mother Daisy informs her she has invited her best friend to come along. Not only that, but the friend, Elvira, has a yapping little dog. Combine two cranky old ladies, a disillusioned future bride, and a yapping and sometimes sick dog in a van, and anything can happen.

During a hailstorm Hannah risks crossing a rickety bridge, seemingly the only way into the town of Quesnel, and meets a horse and wagon midway. The van spins out of control and the three women land in the river.

When they recover, they realize that they are not on a movie set, but have been thrust back into the past.

When she meets Logan, handsome, caring, yet every inch a 19th-century man, Hannah realizes she may never want to return to her own time.

YESTERDAY'S GOLD is sad, touching, humorous and very sensual. Not to be missed. (Oct., 362 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer