Overworked and suffering an abusive ex-boyfriend, Christine Hart takes a vacation. But the moment she enters The Monk's Inn, she experiences a strange phenomenon. Her room is the exact replica of the one from her dreams—and so is the man lying on her bed. She soon discovers that Alejandro died 200 years ago, and he's determined to make her pay for treachery he believes she practiced in the past. Is Christine whom he thinks she is, and will the evil that still stalks her allow her to correct past mistakes?

The action in YESTERDAY'S PROMISE takes off immediately and doesn't stop. Using dreams as flashbacks, the author provides two stories in one. Not only is this a ghost and reincarnation tale, it also disburses history in a painless, fascinating way. Though I was a bit disappointed in the ending—it felt too unbelievable even for a fantasy—fans of this type of story should surely give it a look-see. (Mar., 220 pp., $10.95)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley