Yves St. Armande, the Comte de Rochemont, served as an English spy in Napoleons court. But now that the war is over, he is determined to find the English traitor who killed his fiancie for warning him of impending treachery.

Rachel Barton is an heiress with a good deal of common sense, but when her almost betrothed, The Earl of Fairborn, comes under suspicion of treason, she reluctantly aids the infuriating, stubborn and sexy French aristocrat in order to prove the Earls innocence.

The more time the two investigators spend in each others company, the stronger the bond between them grows, while someone will stop at nothing to keep the Comte and his unwilling ally from discovering the truth.

Nadine Miller pens an engrossing tale of intrigue and murder which uniquely compliments a sweet love story of tenderness and warmth.

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck