This story has a very thin plot, which ties together some admittedly hot sex scenes but still it’s hard to power through. The heroine seems to confuse being a free spirit with acting like a teenager, and it is just as irritating as it sounds. The book has a hard time deciding what it is — a family drama, a tale of finding trust or one of starting a new life — and doesn’t fully deal with the themes. The sex is the best part, but it’s not enough to keep the reader going.

Austin Bishop is reluctantly making his way back home for a visit he’s been dreading. An unplanned pit stop to help a woman with a busted car results in unexpected sparks and a new companion for his trip. Mari is game for anything, but what she’s not expecting is anything lasting. As Austin gradually reveals his secrets, neither of them has any idea that their road trip could be the trip of a lifetime. (SAMHAINPUBLISHING.COM, dl $4.50)
Reviewed by: 
Mary Bennings