Computer guru Lisa Daniels has no plans to give up her position as system administrator for a prestigious game software corporation. Right now her career is the only thing keeping her grounded after a tortuous breakup with her fiancé. Even if it means swallowing her pride and apologizing to her new boss after their disastrous first meeting, Lisa will do whatever it takes to keep her job.

Having recently taken over a Chicago-based software firm, Matthew James plans to find out who is trying to take down his company. Lisa's brains, beauty and personality will not dissuade this focused CEO from finding out the truth, even if it incriminates her in the process.

YOU ARE LOVED stands out with its original plot and page-turning events. Well-paced with a touch of suspense, Karen White-Owens' book has a near-perfect recipe for romance. Only some extraneous dialogue may detract from its overall appeal. (May, 288 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton