Image of You Belong to Me (The Baltimore Series)


Image of You Belong to Me (The Baltimore Series)

Superbly talented Rose starts a new suspense series based in Baltimore and featuring homicide detectives, DAs and prosecutors as the lead characters. Revenge is the name of the game in this truly sinister and twisted tale. As killers go, this one is a doozy, as he appears to have lost any semblance of conscience. Rose again demonstrates her gift for creating complicated plots populated with realistic and imperfect protagonists. You will want to make sure the lights are on while reading this one!

While on a morning run, medical examiner Lucy Trask discovers a brutally tortured murder victim. It quickly becomes apparent that this body was deliberately placed for Lucy to discover — the victim, Dr. Russ Bennett, is from Lucy’s hometown and they have a contentious past. Det. J.D. Fitzpatrick and his partner Stevie Mazzetti are handed the case and when additional torture victims turn up, they realize the answers to these killings lie in the past. Something happened two decades ago that is leading a vicious killer to wreak his twisted version of vengeance on the innocent and guilty alike. (SIGNET, Jun., 512 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith