Nan Ryan returns with a steamy, hot romance in the tradition of her best-selling Sungod.

In the sweet days before the Civil War, Mary Ellen Preble's world is perfect. Daughter of a wealthy Memphis planter, she adores her home and the young man who had been her childhood playmate and her first lover, Clay Knight.

Though his mother works for the Prebles, Clay had been treated as a near-equal until he fell in love with Mary Ellen. Their sweet trysts brought them much happiness and they dreamed of the day they would marry. But others would not abide Mary Ellen marrying a dirt poor boy like Clay and the seeds of betrayal and lies flourish, forcing Mary Ellen to marry a man chosen by her father when Clay joins the Union Army.

Mary Ellen, a divorced woman, strives to hold on to her home until the day Captain Clay Knight commandeers the Preble mansion as his headquarters. Tension runs high as Mary Ellen and Clay try to deny the love that never died and, as the war heats up around them, the heat in their hearts blazes to new heights.

Tempestuous, sizzling and heart- wrenching, YOU BELONG TO MY HEART is vintage Nan Ryan. With her spellbinding storytelling skills, she spins a memorable tale of love, betrayal and redemption. A fabulous, enjoyable romance for everyone who craves heat with their history. SPICY (Feb., 367 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin