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by Karen Rose

Genre: Romantic Suspense, General Romantic Suspense

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The loss of a patient by suicide is every psychiatrist's worst nightmare. Unfortunately for Dr. Tess Ciccotelli, it's becoming an all-too-common occurrence. When Detective Aiden Reagan looks into the apparent suicide of Cynthia Adams, he discovers that someone has "gaslighted" the woman into killing herself. The damning evidence points to Tess as the culprit, but she insists she's innocent.

As Aiden and his team investigate, anomalies start to turn up, and soon
it becomes apparent that while others are dying, Tess is the primary target. But why? To invalidate court testimony she gave, or a personal vendetta? Whoever this killer is, the person is extraordinarily crafty, treacherous and violent.

Rose's rise to the top of the romantic suspense genre has been swift, and for good reason. This is just the latest in
a string of truly diabolical and chilling romantic thrillers. Densely plotted and with amazing twists, this novel is, in a word, riveting. (Apr., 528 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed By: Jill M. Smith

Publisher: Warner Vision

Published: April 2006

Reader Rating

4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
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You Can't Hide

Submitted by Robin in PA on September 14, 2012 - 9:46pm.

Someone is setting up Psychiatrist Tess Ciccotelli to look guilty. A killer is driving her patients to suicide and making it look like she is behind the murders. Detective Aiden Reagan thinks it may be true when Tess refuses to break her oath and give a list of her patients to the cops. But after investigating the case, it becomes clear to Aiden that someone is trying to destroy Tess's career and wants the last victim to be Tess herself.

This is a well balanced romantic suspense book. It had an interesting romance between two well-drawn characters. I liked that Aiden and Tess didn't like each other when they first meet. The book had a great mystery/suspense story that was very hard to put down. I guessed who the killer was early in the book but could not guess the motive.

I'm looking forward to more books by this author. So far I've enjoyed every book in the series. My rating: 4.5 Stars.