Captured by members of a nomadic tribe, Desdemona Carlisle is awaiting her fate when a rider appears on the horizon. The strong powerful man might well be her "owner," and Desdemona is both angered and relieved when it is Harry Braxton who rides to her rescue.

Harry was the first to befriend the orphaned Desdemona when she arrived in Egypt to live with her grandfather. An expert in ancient cultures since she was a child, Desdemona has an unnerving habit of getting into trouble and Harry has become her savior more than once.

The scapegrace of his family, Harry hides a painful secret behind his dashing, adventurer/explorer exterior. Renowned for his ability to locate artifacts and his sometimes unscrupulous methods, Harry is determined to remain a carefree bachelor. However, when his English cousin arrives and it appears Desdemona sets her sights on him as a potential husband, Harry finds himself not only in a rivalry for Desdemona's heart but Desdemona's rival in a quest for a legendary antique.

Smart, sassy, sexy and funny, AS YOU DESIRE is a wonderfully entertaining romance. Connie Brockway has a way with humor that not only makes you laugh, but touches your heart. AS YOU DESIRE is a winner. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin