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Image of You Don't Want To Know

Despite a familiar premise, Jackson’s latest draws you into a story complete with mystery, suspense and a vulnerable, sympathetic heroine at its center. From the first page, readers will be hooked on her intriguing tale.

Two years ago, Ava Garrison’s 2-year old son disappeared off a foggy pier near her home. Ava is convinced that she’s seen Noah several times on the foggy pier since that day, but her husband, family and friends think she’s hallucinating, the result of the grief over losing her son. As Ava grapples with what’s real and what’s not, she can’t let go of her hope that her son is alive. Her questioning brings family secrets to the surface. (KENSINGTON, Aug., 472 pp, $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates