Image of You Don't Know Me (Deep Haven)


Image of You Don't Know Me (Deep Haven)

Warren returns readers to Deep Haven with a wonderful story, filled with family and faith. Although Annalise has a situation that readers won’t directly identify with, the dilemmas she faces regarding her family will touch hearts and lives in an authentic way.

Annalise Decker is a prominent member of the community. Her husband, Nathan, is campaigning for mayor, and she is active on many committees and with her children’s sports teams. She is stunned to discover that the past, which she thought had been carefully hidden, has come back to haunt her. Many years ago, Annalise entered the witness protection program after some damaging testimony, and not even her husband knows. The man who wants to kill her has escaped from prison and is hunting her down. What can she do to protect herself and those she loves, yet still keep her secret safe? (TYNDALE, Oct., 336 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel