Image of You Had Me At Halo


Image of You Had Me At Halo

This book has a delightfully quirky concept that develops into a fun and interesting story. Peopled with a fascinating variety of characters, it also has an intriguing mystery and a charmingly different type of interaction between the hero and heroine. Expect a delightful tale with a wonderfully distinctive ending.

Dead at 22, Holly Evans is not happy. To clear up all the misunderstandings she left behind, she's allowed to rejoin the living for 48 hours. However, she can't return to her own body; she must inhabit a recently deceased one whose soul has vacated.

A former acquaintance, nerdy Vince Murphy, is the body chosen. But there's a mix-up: Vince isn't dead. Now Holly's sharing his body, and Vince is not at all pleased, though he soon comes to realize he wants to help her. Meanwhile, Holly realizes that never taking a second look at Vince when she had the chance was a big mistake.

(NAL, Aug., 304 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley