Harrison Kincaid is trying to get on with his life after the suicide of his wife, Simone. A year later, he is still unable to get past his loss and has not returned to the summer house on Summer Island. When Justine Melbourne calls and informs him that there is possible trouble on his property, he returns. He is not sure what to expect, but it's certainly not the attraction that develops between him and Justine, nor the possibility that Simone may have been murdered.

Justine has always had feelings for Harrison and when he returns to the island, she is shocked to realize these feelings have not gone away. Maybe, just maybe, Harrison is finally seeing her as more then his little sisters' best friend. But when he starts to believe Simone was murdered, Justine wonders if they will ever have a chance at their own happy ending.

This was an unbalanced read with the suspense and romance being rather weak. The romance was difficult to believe, since there was little growth or time spent together for the main characters. (Jun., 400 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers