YOU NEVER CAN TELL is the wonderful sequel to The Last Good Man by master storyteller Kathleen Eagle. Heather and Kole are two complex individuals whose growing relationship is a joy to discover.

Heather Reardon, an investigative reporter, has long been fascinated by stories about the legendary Indian activist, and now escaped convict, Kole Kills Crow. She is determined to track him down and get his side of the story.

Finding Kole is the first problem but getting him to open up is proving to be even more difficult! Based on her research, Heather suspects that Kole took the rap for another more volatile Indian activist, Barry Wilson. While Kole has spent years in prison and on the run as a fugitive, Barry has been busy making a name for himself in Hollywood.

Finding the man even more attractive than the myth, Heather is grimly determined that justice be done and the truth be told.

(Aug., 368 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith