Miami reporter Britt Montero is following the story of an unidentified young woman who washed up on the shore. To Britt's surprise, she discovers the corpse belongs to Kaithlin Jordan, a woman who disappeared 10 years ago. The disappearance was a scandal, for Jordan's wealthy husband was convicted of murdering her. In fact, his execution is only days away.

Where was Kaithlin for 10 years? Why did she allow her husband to be convicted of a non-existent crime? And what caused Kaithlin's fatal return to Florida? As Britt uncovers the story of a lifetime, she learns that love is the most dangerous of weapons.

YOU ONLY DIE TWICE is a stellar book, a story that is as heartbreaking as it is puzzling. Ms. Buchanan spins a dazzling tale that will grip readers from the very first page. (May, 368 pp., $6.99) Hardcover published June 2001.

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg