Her tranquil time in the convent of the Sisters of Charity is shattered when Sister Martha hears a voice in her mind, telling her: "He killed once and he will kill again."

Injured in an accident three years earlier, Sister Martha has no recollection of her past except for a few fragmented images and the voice. Now her dream of taking vows is over, as she feels compelled to find out who she is and prevent another murder.

Miraculously, she discovers that she is Jessica Hayward, mistress of Hawkshill Manor. While happy to go home, it is with sadness that she learns her father was murdered two years earlier, and she wonders if his death had anything to do with her own disappearance.

When Jessica comes into contact with the volatile Lucas Wilde, Lord Dundas, she does not recognize him, but her feelings tell her otherwise.

As Jess tries to remember her past, she and Lucas are drawn into a quagmire of mistrust and misunderstanding that climaxes into an almost intolerable grief.

If you like mystery, murder and mayhem along with your romance, then YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE will be your cup of tea, despite its length and many contrivances. SENSUAL (Feb., 548 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond