Image of You Only Love Once


Image of You Only Love Once

Spy thriller, mystery, love story: all describe Linden’s latest. With its engrossing beginning and surprising, heart-stopping climax, Linden has created a fulfilling read. Though she slows the pace in the middle, there are enough scorching love scenes to keep readers turning the pages until the storyline picks up the pace. Linden certainly knows how to hold interest.

American businessman Nate Avery is in London to track down an embezzler. He’s matched with British spy Angelique Martand. Following the spymaster’s orders, Angelique is to help Nate while she covertly watches his every move. Trained assassin Angelique believes this job is too simple for her and Nate too much of a temptation. For some reason the bold American makes her feel more like a sensual woman than a calculating spy. As they pose as husband and wife to hunt down the culprit it becomes impossible to ignore the heat that sizzles between them. Nearing their goal they become aware that there is much more at stake than an easy arrest. Once they uncover the truth, their lives and love are in danger, unless they manage to outwit the other players to win the game. (AVON, Sep., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin