Image of Younger


Image of Younger

New Year's Eve is traditionally a time for changes, so when 44-year-old Alice's best friend, Maggie, gives her a look-20-years-younger makeover, Alice is ready to grab a whole new life. Recently divorced, Alice moves on with a new job and a new love—who's young enough to be her son.

Satran's exploration of Alice and Josh's May-December relationship is the highlight of this contemporary fountain-of-youth tale, but it's by no means the only theme. Alice has neglected to tell anyone in her new life her true age, and maintaining this lie becomes difficult as she grapples with her younger co-workers and continues to see Josh.

The truth may set Alice free, but it could also break her heart and cost her the job she needs. Beautifully written, Younger weaves a tale that will strike at the hearts of women of all ages. Satran uses the varied ages of the characters to explore hypocrisy in the workplace and in relationships. (Jul., 304 pp., $13.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna Carter