North SheffieldRyland was born on the wrong side of the blanket—illegitimate. He shuns society, preferring to work as a private investigator on the fringe of the ton.

When the Earl of Spinton hires North to investigate the threatening letters his fiancée, Lady Octavia Vaux-Daventry, has received, North recalls the time when the lady was no lady but his childhood sweetheart. Octavia and North grew from friends to sweethearts and lovers, until her grandfather told North he was not good enough for her.

Their reunion rekindles their passion, and as they are plunged headlong into the investigation to unmask Octavia's stalker, they are thrust into each other's arms. But society and a killer want them both dead.

This sensual romance, brimming with intrigue, adventure and a double manhunt, is a nonstop read. You'll discover a realm of nonstop reads. You'll discover Smith's fine ability to craft both a highly romantic love story and an adventure romance. Her star is definitely on the rise and if you haven't discovered Smith yet, this is the moment. SENSUAL (Jun., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin