Married only a year, Zada and Rick Clark are on the verge of divorce. But when the judge orders them to resolve their property disagreements or else, the real clash between them begins.

Rick, who'd moved out for six months, returns and prepares to wage war by using sexual arts. Zada, who's held close to her neighborhood friends after she and Rick separated, enlists the ladies to assist her in the fight. Both Rick and Zada struggle to prove they deserve ownership of their blind, heroic dog and the house in which their beloved pet is most familiar.

As the first book in Halliday's Housewives Fantasy Club series, this novel features a game of cat-and-mouse that's sometimes subtle, sometimes over-the-top, but always on the sexy side. The protagonists, by their own admission, behave immaturely for much of the text, and unfortunately, this persistent childish behavior makes it difficult for readers to cheer them on. The steamy sex fantasies shared by the women, however, are a fun plot device, and the suburban community the author creates is a fitting environment for this tale of renewed romance. (Aug., 336 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel