Image of Your Bed Or Mine?


Image of Your Bed Or Mine?
Caley Lambert thinks she's coming to her family's Wisconsin lake house for her parents' anniversary. But it turns out that her much younger sister is getting married to the brother of the man Caley most wants and fears seeing. She had a youthful, lustful crush on Jake Burton, fueled by their summer meetings as the two families vacationed in houses next door to each other. On her 18th birthday Caley offered herself to him and was turned down. But Jake only wanted to protect her. When they meet again, after 11 years, the heat is still there. But with Caley now living in New York, can it be any more than passion? Fully developed characters and perfect pacing make this story feel completely right. The romantic Your Bed or Mine? (4.5) by Kate Hoffmann is perfect for Valentine's Day.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor