Alex and Gen come from two
different worlds and perspectives, and these differences make for warm and inspired romance. Moore has really hit her stride as an author who explores emotions and passion with equal flair.

Fate sometimes has an unexpected way of getting your attention. Finance whiz Alex Miller never dreamed that a fascinatingly mysterious Central Park roller-blader would turn out to be the artist his aunt had selected to create a painting for the new children's hospital.

Since she is losing her current studio space, artist Genevieve Monaghan is delighted to accept Grace Miller's offer to work from her home in the Hamptons while Gen creates the commissioned work. Gen and her wolfhound, Murphy, move in and discover there is one drawback: the dangerously sexy Alex. At first Gen is irritated when she learns he ran a background check on her and her family; now the problem is that Gen is finding him all too attractive. PR expert Sydney Raines has made it clear she considers Alex her property, but Alex has a different idea.

(Jul., 406 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith