Image of For Your Heart Only


Image of For Your Heart Only

Each story in this fast-paced collection highlights a different intelligence agency and ends with an HEA. Plenty of action and some nasty villains await readers.

Therapist Annabelle joins forces with Secret Service agent Stevens to thwart an assassin in Anne Elizabeth’s “Good Vibrations.” Beth’s DEA case involves arresting her high school crush and then pretending to be lovers in Leslie Wainger’s “Love Acts.” When NSA cryptologist Belle is challenged by mysterious code, she calls in whiz Beau Devon and ends up “Decoding Love,” by DC DeVane. FBI agent Scott keeps a secret from Gretchen in “The Fated Heart” by Chryssa Carson. Amelia wants to lose a few pounds, not get involved in a “Mindwarp,” as Agent O’Connell prevents disaster in Tara Nina’s story. (HIGHLAND PRESS, Jan., 254 pp., $11.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown