As a child, Jana Jasper briefly had a special glowing friend she called Peter, whom she discovered stuck in the tree outside her window. Calvin Far Star was a young space explorer when he got stuck in an Earth tree and was rescued by a young girl. Now, all these years later, Calvin has come back, this time to save both the girl and her planet.

Following in her political family's footsteps, Jana is currently a California senator. While shopping at her grocery store, she is approached by a space-suited man who warns about spaceships and invasions. Jana had relegated the memory of Calvin/Peter to imaginary friend, but now she's forced to accept the reality of his existence and claims. Calvin wants Jana to take him to her leader so he can warn the president. She knows getting the message to the proper authorities won't be easy -- if anyone believes them at all. Plus, there's the small problem of the alien assassin who's stalking Calvin.

High adventure and high jinks follow this unique couple around in their quest to save the world. Blending both action and comedy, Grant takes fortunate readers on a wild ride. The bond between the hero and heroine is sweet, powerful and always sexy. Great job! (Aug., 376 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith