After a disastrous wedding night, Helene Holland, Countess Godwin, and her husband, Rees, go their separate ways. Helene, a virtuous woman for 10 years, feels it's time to try her wings, but she needs a divorce before she can fly.

A supposed rogue who keeps mistresses, Rees is a dedicated composer who won't allow scandal to destroy his career. When Helene demands a divorce, he refuses. Helene gets her revenge by attending a ball in a nearly see-through gown, hoping to attract a man to father the child she desperately desires. Rees explodes with jealousy and realizes that after all these years, he hungers for his wife.

James has another hit with this smart, sexy, humorous and poignantly romantic novel. Oh, how delightful to watch this duo work out their problems. James brings vivacity and sexuality to Regency England in a way few others can. Her brilliant writing, intelligent characters and boiling sensuality allow readers to feel every sensation with her characters. James' talents grow with each new book. SENSUAL (Apr., 372 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin