Image of You're Not Safe


Image of You're Not Safe

In her latest, Burton crafts an entertaining mystery infused with suspense. Scarred, gritty, yet vulnerable, the characters are the strength of this story. The barely-held-in attraction between hardened Texas Ranger Tec and the guilt-ridden Greer resonates, as does their tension as they encounter a vicious killer. Crisp, in-depth writing yields a satisfying, gripping plot and steady pacing. This story is hard to put down.

When the body of her ex-boyfriend, Rory Edwards, is found hanging from a tree near the borderline of her property, vineyard owner Greer Templeton must cope with old memories. Texas Ranger Tec Bragg is investigating Rory’s murder, which leads him straight to Greer. Not fully trusting Greer, Tec uses her to dig deeper into the investigation and finds himself unexpectedly drawn to her. Faced with a killer who has Greer in his sights, Tec is determined to keep her safe but he needs her memories to help him. (ZEBRA, Apr., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates