'Tis the season to be catty. The obscenely rich girls of New York City's Upper East Side are back to dish on the tragic lives of their boyfriends, best friends and enemies. Serena, Blair and the gang would rather buy off the rack than disappoint fans of the previous five books, and they continue to live up to the hype of their teen chick lit series.

Everybody wants something: Jenny wants to be a model, Blair wants to get into Yale, Nate wants to be left alone, Dan wants Vanessa, Vanessa wants—Tiphany? Serena wants the Harvard boy… no, wait, the Brown boy… no, wait… . While going after their goals, they party in the best apartments, hotels and clothes money can buy. These snobs with hearts of gold will never let us down.

Though hardly literary, the Gossip Girl series is as satisfying as a greasy burger. Von Ziegesar writes each book so that you don't have to have read the others to know what's going on—in fact, she succeeds in making you want to run out and buy all her other books. Soon, Serena and the rest will be at college. How much more hell can they possibly raise? We can't wait to find out. (Oct., 230 pp., $9.99)
Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris