Image of You're Still the One


Image of You're Still the One

These four interesting romances touch on the endurance of love. Though time has passed, each story portrays a love that may last a lifetime, if given the chance — though one might wonder why bother.

In “The Apple Orchard” by Lamb, Allie Pelletier is back home, and her first encounter with former sweetheart Jace Rios is in the hospital — when he’s her doctor. Jace is ready to pick up where they left off, but Allie knows it isn’t possible. In Carter’s “A Kiss Before Midnight,” 16-year-old Rebecca Ryan lied, was betrayed, got cursed, had her first kiss and conceived her son all in one night. Twenty-one years later, she’s back in New Orleans searching for the curse’s cure and the father of her son. In “Romeo & Juliet and Jane” by Bass, Jane and Ray broke up 10 years ago, after dating throughout college. Can they make it work this time around? In “The Devil and Mr. Chocolate“ by Dailey, Kitty Hamilton has three divorces under her belt and is engaged again. However, Sebastian Cole, her first ex-husband, has other ideas for her future. (ZEBRA, Mar., 458 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley