It is always a joy to spend time with the extended Kowalski family. And this contemporary tale is full of the love (and requisite family high jinks) that readers have come to expect from Shannon Stacy. The chemistry between Emma and Sean positively sizzles, and the romance that Grandma Cat strikes up will warm hearts. Furthermore, it is a pleasure to read a tale where the fact that the heroine is the boss is never an issue. But what makes this story really stand out is the adorable exchanges that Emma and Sean have as they communicate via post-it notes!

After her grandmother left New Hampshire for Florida, Emma Shaw invented a fake fiancée to alleviate the older woman’s concerns. But now that Cat is coming back for a visit, Emma must actually produce the promised fiancé. Lucky for her, recently discharged Sean Kowalski — the relative of a friend whose name she used —has just returned home and is willing to play along with Emma’s farce and work for her landscaping company until he can find something more permanent. As Emma and Sean juggle this farce, and their growing feeling for each other, will their deception be enough to convince Cat that she doesn’t have to give up her new life in Florida? (CARINA PRESS, June, dl. $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard