Book three in the Connaghers series will delight readers whether or not they have read the first two stories. With concrete world building, multi-layered characters and a dynamic plot, this story is an excellent portrayal of a woman taking her first steps into the world of BDSM and struggling to hold onto the two men who have stolen her heart. Readers will be swept up in this emotional, extremely passionate tale and root for this threesome every step of the way.

Former defense attorney Vicki’s life is on the rocks. Her relationship with Detective Elias seems to be over. And if that weren’t enough stress, she’s about to launch her first fashion line. When Vicki meets Jesse, a homeless man she had befriended while she was a lawyer, she invites the young man back to her warehouse to wait out some bad weather. But just to be safe, Vicki asks Elias to run a background check on Jesse — the detective does one better and comes over to Vicki’s apartment to keep her safe during the storm. It quickly becomes clear that Jesse isn’t a threat to this Alpha male, the only thing that Jesse wants is to please Vicki. Will Vicki be brave enough to explore the sexy opportunities that her house guests offer and can she convince the two men that there’s enough room in her bed — and her heart — for both of them? (SAMHAIN, May 2012, dl. $5.50)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan