Image of Yours, Unexpectedly (Wild Ride to Love)


Image of Yours, Unexpectedly (Wild Ride to Love)

With a somewhat unusual plot, Fox focuses on the growth and emotional issues of a couple who have been together since childhood. The Fallon family continues to work through their intra-family relationships — a process that can seem a little too much like therapy. Still, Merilee and Matt are a couple worth rooting for in this feel-good read.

Merilee and Matt have been a couple since they met as children. They have always known they would get married and the date is fast approaching. When Merilee’s sisters travel home for the wedding, each finds true love and grand passion. Watching her sisters interact with their new lovers makes Merilee question whether her relationship with Matt, though comfortable, is somehow lacking. After calling off the wedding, Matt and Merilee find themselves together on the cruise that was to be their honeymoon, where they discover some things about each other — and about themselves. (BRAVA, Dec., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan