Serving two years in prison for creating a computer virus that had devastating results leaves Avery Nesbitt a bit paranoid. In fact, she is so agoraphobic that she has barely left her apartment in the eight years since she left prison. It's just her luck that the only man she's ever felt anything for, even if she did meet him on the Internet, turns out to be a major criminal.

Avery finds herself working for top-secret agency OPUS, whose agents never use their real names, to bring down the criminal mastermind. She's also returning to the home she hasn't been to since her parents disowned her at her conviction. And she's falling for "Agent Dixon," who is in charge of helping her and keeping her safe. To complicate matters, her sister is sleeping with another agent, a much younger man.

This great story has a large dose of humor while dealing with a very real handicap that many people suffer from. The main characters' relationship development is nicely done, but it's the secondary characters that really add the special twist to this intriguing tale. (Oct., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley