Image of Yuletide Proposal (Love Inspired)


Image of Yuletide Proposal (Love Inspired)
YULETIDE PROPOSAL (4) by Lois Richer: Brianna Benson returns home to find her ex-fiancé, Zac Ender, working at her son Cory’s school. She hopes a fresh start will change the path Cory is on and keep him out of court. Brianna feels Zac betrayed her the day before their almost-wedding and is reluctant to help him with his plans for the local school. As Brianna struggles to bridge the distance between her and her mother, Cory is trying to fit in, too, while dealing with feelings of resentment toward Brianna. Richer creates family dynamics that are realistic and engaging in this story of forgiveness and reconciliation.
Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee