Image of The Zabime Sisters


Image of The Zabime Sisters

It is very rare when an author/artist takes the time to focus on the motivation of his characters rather than the adventure itself. Aristophane has produced a significant testimony to the discovering the mind's inner workings in The Zabime Sisters.

Three young island girls, Celina, M'Rose, and Elle, share a day in their life on Carribean Island of Guadalupe. On their way to see a fight between two boys, together the girls explore the dark and scary forest, steal mangoes from an orchard and taste a sip of rum. During their adventure, they face moral dilemmas as the journey takes them further into their own psyches than on their physical path of excursion and adventure. (First Second, Oct., 96 pp., $16.99, Graphic Novel, ISBN: 1596436387) *Web Exclusive Review*
Reviewed by: 
Ruth Walters