Sujata Massey returns with the unique perspective and edgy wit that made her first Rei Shimura novel such a special treat. A series and author to watch.

Antiques dealer and occasional detective Rei Shimura is back, determined to make her living in the homeland of her father. As a result of her first adventure, Rei is now living in Tokyo with Scottish Attorney Hugh Glendinning.

Their relationship has the usual ups and downs, but the strains for this busy couple really start when Hugh's "ne'er-do-well" younger brother, Angus, shows up for a visit.

On top of personal issues, Rei is stressed about a business mistake that could cost her everything. A very picky client, Mrs. Nana Mihori, has requested that Rei find her a distinctive Tansu (antique chest); Rei has had no luck, until one afternoon when she is directed to a small antiques dealer. After winding up in a bidding war with another client, Rei finds herself the owner of an overpriced, altered Tansu. When she tries to find the con man who sold her the chest, Rei discovers he has disappeared. Her diligent search for Nao Sakai is eventually successful, but he is no longer of any help...he has been murdered.

While the police do not consider Rei the main suspect, she seems to be the only one who recognizes the link between the Tansu and two sudden deaths. A break-in at Hugh's apartment puts the danger a little too close to home and it will take all of Rei's wit, savoir-faire and luck to find the solution to this complicated case.

(June, 312 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith