Warrior queen, devoted wife, loving mother, strong ruler: Zenobia was all this and more. A woman ahead of her time, Zenobia was equal to the men she commanded and up to the task of ruling a country fraught with inner conflict.

Alongside her husband, King Odainat, Zenobia fought the Persians and rode to victory with pride. But while her army was victorious on the battlefield, sinister plots at home and in Rome were brewing against her.

Her husband's bastard son strives to take control of the kingdom by killing Odainat and Zenobia's sons. Zenobia fights to reclaim her throne and honor, but with Rome as both her ally and enemy, she is caught in webs of betrayal and treachery.

A woman alone cannot fight an empire, but she tries and proves that women are more than equal to the task. And to win, she makes sacrifices that no man or woman should have to make.

Zenobia is the fourth in Garwood's Warrior Queen series. She and other writers want to acquaint readers with some remarkable women throughout the centuries who have been overlooked by history.

They do us a great service, opening our eyes to the triumphs of women who came before us and giving us the courage to pursue our own dreams. Brava to Garwood for tackling such a gigantic task and enlightening us. SENSUAL (Mar., 400 pp., $19.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin