After the planet Belizair is devastated by a biological attack, it's discovered that the only women who can bear Belizair children are on Earth, and they must carry a gene from the ancient ancestor Fallon and be mated to two men.

Zeraac d'Amato has come to Earth from Belizair at the request of his brother's mate. He is to see to the safety of a widow and her child: a young girl, Kaylee, who is dying, and her mother, Ariel, to whom he is drawn. When he discovers that they carry the Fallon gene, he breaks Council rules and brings them to Belizair, where he teams up with Komet d'Vista to become a family. Unfortunately, the Council is all about rules, and even the love these four share may not be enough to keep them together.

The novel is creative, with fascinating and likable characters. The necessity for a menage à trois is well explained, but Strong's description of Belizair is rather limited, making it difficult for readers to picture the world, and the natives show a lack of individuality. (dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley