The inimitable Jayne Ann Krentz is back in her Jayne Castle persona to take us on another thrilling foray into the world of St. Helens, where mankind flourishes in new and exciting ways.A storyteller without peer, Ms. Castle captures all the fire and excitement of falling in love, gifting us with a neat mystery to keep us seething with curiosity in this simply dandy futuristic romance.

Respectability-casino owner Nick Chastain is willing to buy it at any price. And respectability means a wife. On St. Helens, finding a spouse means consulting a synergistic matchmaker and providing all sorts of information about family background plus any psychic talents.

And therein lies the problem. Nick is not about to reveal his heretofore unknown level of talent for matrix analysis. People are suspicious enough about his illegitimate birth and shadowy reputation. If they learned of his wild talent, there is no telling how they would react.

Meanwhile, Nick has other issues to resolve, most importantly the mysterious death of his father on an exploratory expedition to the Western Islands. What did his father find that drove someone to murder? If only he could find a prism strong enough to work with his talent. Then he meets Zinnia...and everything changes.

(July, 336 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer